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It is important that KENTO upholds sustainable business practices and I encourage consumers and creatives to contact KENTO with any suggestions or recommendations for how KENTO’s sustainable practices might be improved.


The packaging used by KENTO is degradable and/or recyclable where possible.

  • Earring display cards are made from paper and function as business cards.

  • The boxes that are used to post KENTO products are made from KRAFT card and can be reused.

  • KENTO keeps the bubble wrap that comes with material and equipment orders. This bubble wrap is then recycled and used to package your orders. I will introduce an eco-friendlier alternative alongside bubble wrap in the future, but I will continue to recycle it rather than throw it away.

  • The vibrant tissue paper that comes with your orders can be reused and repurposed. Some ideas might include; tissue paper flowers, protective cushioning for a gift, a tissue paper lantern.

  • The r3pack postage bags used by KENTO are almost entirely degradable and can also be reused (compostable bags were not available yet when these were initially purchased but KENTO will change to these when current supplies have run out)


KENTO earrings are made from polymer clay which is composed of polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and liquid plasticiser. Although polymer clay is a plastic product, I hope that KENTO earrings have long lives in your collections and are regifted or taken to second-hand stores rather than to landfill.

I have also taken steps to ensure that I am using polymer clay in the most sustainable manner possible.

  • All damaged earrings that are returned to KENTO will be incorporated into new pieces.

  • No clay goes to waste during the earring making process and all clay scraps are saved to create new colours or beautiful marbled designs.

KENTO sources metals and crafting supplies from New Zealand suppliers where possible. Some of our local suppliers include Gordon Harris, Takapuna Art Supplies and Craft Runner.

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